How do we promote Natural capital and biodiversity protection?

European GreenBelt Conference

  • co-organising of European GreenBelt conference & networking events - participation and presentation of Greenways activities at Pan-European conference on GreenBelt in Slavonice (CZ)
  • international week long bicycle ride organized by EPA partners along the GreenBelt/Iron Curtain from Sopron/Bratislava/AT/CZ to Slavonice to celebrate the GreenBelt conference and 25th anniversary of the fall of Iron Curtain
  • participation in GreenBelt meetings 2014

European Tree of the Year

  • organising of Biodiversity awareness raising pan-European campaigning by means of  European Tree of the Year - organizing the contest at national levels in all participating countries, on-line voting for the European tree of the year among the winners of the national Tree of the Year contest in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • organizing award ceremony in Brussels, attracting important stakeholders from EU policy makers, think-tanks, NGOs, politicians and general public as well. An important step forward is to attract more member states and connected campaigns to participate in the contest, rising awareness of the European public about the importance of biodiversity.
  • check the official Tree of the year contest website

Green Spaces action programme

  • implementation of concrete biodiversity improvement measures by means of Green Spaces action program - to promote the creation of green spaces in urban and rural areas to affect micro-climates to adapt to global warming by means of support of community best action of tree planting and tree treatments (micro-grant schemas & expert assistance).

Green Entrepreneurship programme

Support of investments for environment by means of Green Entrepreneurship program - social enterprise incubation by means of three year training, assistance and small start-up grant programme developed in Romania and investigation of its spread into other CCE countries (Feasibility study for development of the program in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), incl. establishment of cooperation with ASHOCA network.