Who are we

EPA is a consortium of six foundations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia supporting community based projects whose goal is to protect the environment and support local communities and society. Over 20 years of its existence, the EPA has supported by foundation contributions in total more than 25 million Euros.

We educate both adults and children.
We support sustainable tourism.
We organize seminars and workshop.
We support tree planting.
We promote Greenways.

What we do

EPA is focused on supporting environmental and social projects of NGOs, promoting democracy, human rights and gender equality, strengthening the capacity of NGOs as well as specific needs of minority groups.

Co-funded by
the European Union


News: European Tree of the Year

We know the European Tree of the Year 2015

News: Brand new EPA mobility brochure released

Check our new brochure that contains success stories of mobility management from middle and eastern Europe!

News: International seminar WATER IN THE CITY

Let us invite you to the international seminar on the "water" topic which will be held on 3th and 4th November 2015 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

News: Czech cities prepare for the risks associated with climate change

Three discussion round tables over the topic of adaptation to climate change took place in three Czech cities Prague, Pilsen and Brno in April 2015.

News: Expert workshop on Tree Care and Arboriculture standards in Europe

An expert workshop on tree care topics brought interesting ideas and common trends to Brussels.